Manufacturers of Heavy Duty Waterproof Products

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Standard Dog Hammocks

made from waterproof polyester with a non-slip surface.

They are designed to fit over the head rest and have adjustable webbing straps to secure them.

Special Dog Hammocks 

Made from the same high quality fabric, our special hammocks are made to measure for your vehicle.

They have removable sides that fold down to give protection to your seat and when folded up protect the rear passenger doors.

They are fully waterproof, oil resistant and are machine washable.


made from the same high quality fabric as our other products they are fully waterproof and machine washable.


The mattresses are made with a removable foam pad to allow for washing. The cover fastens with Velcro making it easy to remove for washing.

Available in:

Black, Grey, Green, Burgundy, Navy, Brown, Royal Blue, Red, Pink, Purple, Yellow and Beige.

And in 3 sizes:

Small                Approx 27 x 20 inches Medium             Approx 27 x 30 inches Large                Approx 27 x 40 inches

Mattresses can be made to your specific measurements to fit crates or other areas; please give us a ring and we will be happy to provide prices! 

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