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Rear door flap open.

Rear door flap from inside

If you will not be using the Boot Liner everyday it will fold easily so you have no problems with storage

Want to  protect the whole of your load area?

Our up to the front seat boot liner covers the rear of the front seats, protects the rear doors and boot area.


Ideal for fishermen, mountain bikers and anyone that

regularly uses their vehicle with the rear seats folded


1)  For fishermen we can add a flap for Rod bags to push through

2)  If you want padding to protect whatever you are carrying the liner can be made with a padded base that

 is removable when the liner is washed!

and flaps can also be put in to allow for

easier loading through the rear doors  

Made from high quality bonded polyester our boot liners are made to order for your specific vehicle, all you have to do is give us the make, model and year!

They are designed to fit easily, be hard wearing and are machine washable.






Available in a choice of 12 colours so you can match your interior or brighten it up -

Black, Grey, Green, Burgundy, Navy, Brown, Royal Blue, Red, Pink, Purple, Yellow and Beige.

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Rear door protection can be provided with a fabric panel that attaches with Velcro to the boot door.

Rear Door Protection

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Other Custom Features:

Up to Front Seats...

Rod flap

Folded liner is the same size as a carrier

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