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If you would like the convenience of a liner that can be used both in the boot area or right up to the front seats we can make you a 2 part liner that can be easily changed from one to the other.


You then have a standard boot liner that protects the boot area and when you want to protect full length of the car just lower the seats and attach the extension piece!

Boot liner folds down with a second part that attaches to provide protection for the full load area and covers the rear of the seats and sides.


Other Custom Features:

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2)  Rear door protection can be provided with a fabric panel that attaches with Velcro to the boot door.

1)  Boot liner can be made with flaps to allow loading through the rear doors.

Two Part...

Boot Area

Up to Front Seats

Side view

Liner in boot area only

Rear seats flattened

Second part attached

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