Manufacturers of Heavy Duty Waterproof Products

Registered company No 7678847

Telephone - 01455 882999   Email - rhinouk@talktalkbusiness.net

Made from waterproof polyester with a non-slip surface the

covers fit the majority of vans.

These seat covers are made to last the life time of your van.

Not only are they are hard wearing but they are also

fully waterproof and are machine washable.


Available in a choice of 12 colours so you can match your interior or brighten it up -

Black, Grey, Green, Burgundy, Navy,

Brown, Royal Blue, Red, Pink, Purple,

Yellow and Beige.

We can also make covers for larger

commercial vehicles and mini buses

please give us a ring for more details.  


Buy from the online shop or give us

a ring on 01455 882999.

Van Seat Covers...

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Click here for Online shop